Automatic Pet Feeder


The Trusting Paw Automatic Pet Feeder is  great accessory for both dog and cat owners. The transparent feeder can hold up to 5 litres of dry food. With the Trusting Paw Automatic Pet Feeder you can set up to 5 feeding times per day. You can also program the amount dispensed for each separate meal. This product is user friendly and easy to clean.


Anti Jamming, Auto Feeding up to 5 meals a day. This state of the art voice recorded pet feeder is ideal for those who want to ensure their pet is fed on time. Our pet feeder will ensure you pet is fed at the times you set. Show your pet you care and set the feeding times with this auto feeder. Using anti jamming technology and voice recording, we help keep you pet fed, when other machines fail due to jamming. Our auto rewinding technology detects a blockage and reverses the process to clear the machine for a clean attempt to re-fill. Feeding up to 5 times a day on our auto programming menu, or using the override feature to manually feed on demand, this feeder is a must for every busy household or for those that just want a well fed happy pet. LCD display, with time display, meal programming, a long battery life, and lock and volume function to help keep your system safe and practical. Detachable feeder for easy cleaning. Order yours today.

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Trusting Paw Automatic Pet Feeder – Black


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